Moving Tempe Forward.


Housing & Human Services

  • Develop the next generation of housing for the middle class  

  • Invest in the creation of additional affordable housing units to retain the diversity that makes Tempe so unique

  • Identify strategies to retain existing affordable housing and prevent displacement of residents

  • Support programs such as Tempe Neighbors Helping Neighbors that provide in-home services to seniors to keep them in their homes

  • Bolster dollars for economic security initiatives, such as financial opportunity centers, to support residents before they experience economic hardship as well as break the cycle of poverty

  • Expand successful I-HELP (Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program) program throughout the city to create more beds for our neighbors experiencing homelessness



  • Work with neighborhoods to develop new programming and amenities in city parks to activate public spaces and improve quality of life for residents throughout the city

  • Promote thoughtful redesign of Tempe Beach Park to make it a world-class destination for residents and visitors alike

    • Create opportunities for food options at Tempe Beach Park

    • Add shade cover so programming can be scheduled year-round

    • Bathrooms must remain open so the public can use the park

  • Evaluate programming at Tempe Beach Park to determine which events truly add revenue and value to our city, since events affect traffic and public access to the park

  • Continue to expand public art installations in neighborhood parks throughout the city


Economic Development

  • Create a more targeted plan to ensure we’re attracting companies and industries that create jobs, generate revenue and are responsible community partners

  • Ensure project approvals show clear community benefit—traffic patterns should be strongly considered as new projects are being evaluated

  • Develop a proactive economic growth strategy that seeks out businesses that enhance sustainability, livability, and resilience goals for the city


  • Support the Achieve 65, post-secondary achievement goals in order to deliver on the promise of having 65 percent of Tempe students realize their dreams of obtaining a higher education

  • Identify potential revenue streams to expand the free pre-kindergarten initiative to ensure that all Tempe children have access to a quality education while supporting the needs of working families

  • Encourage interested students to pursue careers in trade fields such as electrical, plumbing, construction and medical professions


Public Safety

  • Use data and all available tools to engage stakeholders in order to ensure public safety for all Tempe residents

  • Utilize technology to improve upon how members of the community can access public records

  • Address mental health and substance abuse challenges with relevant and effective programs that provide members of our community with the help and support they need